Friday, April 9, 2010


The idea of gods was once to make our children less scared of death now people are using the name god to promote hate groups and take down their political enemies. I have cut off connections with some of my old friends because he wouldn't shut up about whose going to hell every time i would have another friend over he would start a fight with him because he went to catholic school which didn't believe in the pledge of alliance. He also believed that George Bush had a huge connection with god and would preach it to me every day and i was getting so mad over time i had to leave him so i wouldn't do anything i would egret especially scene i believe that George Bush was a criminal who stole my rights from me and bush supporters really get on my nerves. I have even told him that i have a different opinion and that only made him want to fight more so i stop answering his calls and never spoke to him again. Now i'm going to show you a video were i'm going to attempt the same preachings as the founders of most religions that preach hate today just you show how they look like. I believe in god just not in what churches preach and the video does not show my true belief it pretty much shows that i can play that game too.